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Who better to let you in on Vita Sana Pilates than our amazing clients? Read the latest reviews about Vita Sana Pilates.

Online Class Feedback


"Great live and supporting online content. "

"Vita Sana Pilates compliments my other health and well-being activities especially during current circumstances."

Alan, Age 51


Age 37

Having never been a client of Natalie’s before I started the online classes she was running once the lockdown was announced and my local reformer class was cancelled.

Natalie’s remote classes are entirely successful and really enjoyable. She takes the time to clearly demonstrate and explain the exercise whilst describing it at the same time; offering alternatives to certain exercises which some of the class might find too challenging. She really engages with the class and takes the time to check how we are doing (if you have your camera on at home, and she can see you!) so you get the feedback and encouragement that you would expect from a ‘normal’ class. She also asks if anyone has any special requests for exercises/ stretches. 
I use an iPad and it works perfectly.


You feel like you’ve had a really good, challenging work out at the end of it. I’m not resident in Glasgow and would be keen to continue these when we’re all allowed out our houses!


Age 50

As one of Natalie’s regular clients I was a bit panicked when we knew that our face to face classes would come to the end due to the government restrictions for COVID 19 outbreak! But Natalie was on the ball, with the health (both physical and mental) of her clients to the forefront she organised live classes on Zoom and tutorials on YouTube.  


I need the discipline of a live class with appropriate corrections and motivation and also in these days of social isolation, you get to join a class online what could be more social than that!


After attending 3 of the online classes I would highly recommend them, clear demonstrations and personal corrections as with a face to face class and at a time to suit those who are working from home.


Thanks again Natalie 🙏


Age 59

My weekly evening Pilates session with Natalie have really kept me going during this strange year.


Her online sessions are just great with lots of individual feedback - it’s almost like Natalie is in the room with me!


Such an antidote, physically and mentally to slogging on the computer at home all day.


Age 72

As a young at heart 72-year-old, I am looking to keep healthy, flexible, and fit.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, my hill climbing and other sporting activities have been much curtailed.

Natalie's weekly Pilates classes keep me fitter and more flexible than if I just sat and did nothing.


The Zoom classes work well, with Natalie clearly able to see her class and to prompt you where improvement or praise is required.

In spite of my reservations about how this would work on Zoom it has succeeded my expectations, with no worries about going out in the cold at night or parking issues.


Age 42

It is testament to Natalie’s enthusiasm and professionalism that delivering pilates classes remotely has worked tremendously well! I really enjoy still having the routine of a weekly class, while the wealth of online videos produced is a great resource to have available, especially if you can’t make a live class in a given week.


The benefits of sustaining weekly Pilates classes have been hugely important to me in maintaining my physical well-being throughout lockdown and the trials of home working!


Age 58

Have been practicing Pilates with Natalie for several years and stuck with her when classes had to be moved online.


Natalie's zoom Pilates classes are still great. She keeps the class plans interesting, challenging, and gives clear instructions.


She's a very professional instructor, who I would highly recommend.


Age 50

Natalie is a superb teacher and coach and this is why: she's encouraging (but tough); she explains the exercises extremely well, sometimes with an alcohol theme ("imagine a glass of wine balancing on your back"); and she shapes the classes to all abilities.


And the best bit: I've gone from someone a few years ago who was reluctant about exercise to someone who couldn't live without Pilates every week and it's thanks to Natalie.


Age 25

I can feel it if I miss Pilates for a week and wait with baited breathe to get back to it!


Being back at work and doing Pilates online from home has saved travel time and I’ve found it just as effective as classes in person.


Natalie corrects you through webcam and is just as attentive as classes in person. I recommend to everyone.

In Person Class Feedback

"Natalie's classes are both enjoyable and so beneficial."

"After a day at work hunched over a computer getting to really stretch out at Pilates is amazing. I feel my posture is much better.


My shoulders are no longer at my ears and my core is so much stronger. The class sizes mean Natalie misses nothing and can correct as necessary, in the nicest possible way!"

Mel, Age 42

Vita Sana Pilates Testimonial


Age 33

I’ve played rugby for the last 6 years and during that time I’ve had lots of problems with my back and have seen various physiotherapists and chiropractors to try to put it right. Having recently moved to the area (East Renfrewshire), I asked around and was recommended (via Facebook) to come and see Natalie.


I had never done anything like Pilates before and was a little apprehensive. The exercises all started very simply and have developed as my knowledge and strength have improved. I do an hour a week with Natalie along with 3 or 4 shorter sessions at my home in between. The sessions are always relaxed and I find it a great way to unwind after a busy day at work.


My back has been ache free for months and my core strength is better now that it has ever been. I’ve felt a definite improvement on the rugby pitch and whilst snowboarding this winter. The core strength is noticeable and the exercises are making me think about my body and how I use it in a very different way.


I’ve certainly seen improvements over other methods I’ve used before and would recommend Pilates to anyone who has back problems or is looking to improve core strength in general. I find the one to one sessions great and have benefited from the special program Natalie was able to put together to meet my needs.


Age 41

I have Scoliosis of my spine, which was diagnosed as a teenager. I was having bad lower back pain and I went to see my GP. He said that it was the curve in my spine that was causing the pain. There is nothing that can be done about Scoliosis, but he suggested trying Pilates to strengthen my core and take the pressure off my lower back. I joined Natalie's class the following week.


What I loved about her class was that if some of the exercises were too hard she would always give you modifications. I noticed within a couple of weeks a real improvement in my lower back. Even simple things like getting out of a chair I noticed that I was using my stomach muscles to get up rather than my back, which I had never done before. I also got a referral to see a physiotherapist about my back a few weeks after I had started Pilates.


The exercises she gave me to do were what I was getting in Natalie's class. What Pilates has allowed me to do is manage my back problem without the need for painkillers, which is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone!


Age 24

Vita Sana Pilates is fantastic. I am a dentist and as a result had been suffering from aches and pains in my neck and back almost every day.


Since taking up Pilates the difference is huge. I barely feel a niggle at all. I feel stronger, more flexible and my posture has improved.


I have Natalie to thank for this. Her classes are excellent. She is a great teacher and now officially has me hooked on Pilates!


Age 47

I have suffered from recurring back pain for many years which flared up again after my fourth pregnancy. Over the years I have tried everything from chiropractors to spinal braces and I started to believe nothing would help very much.


Since joining Natalie's classes I can honestly say the difference has been amazing. My posture has improved, I have more flexibility and I am pain free.


More importantly I understand how to strengthen and protect my spine to prevent damage. Cannot recommend highly enough!


Age 33

I started Pilates classes with Vita Sana Pilates to try and manage neck and shoulder problems and the results have exceeded my expectations.


I now have a full range of movement back and have noticed a big improvement in pain levels and in core strength.


Natalie is excellent at explaining the exercises and making sure we do them correctly and without injury. I am delighted to have discovered this class.


Age 48

I started going to Vita Sana Pilates 3 years ago after suffering with 2 herniated disks in my spine. I had repeated flare ups and was struggling to walk and in constant pain. I had been undergoing physiotherapy and seeing a consultant neurosurgeon. It looked like the only option for me was surgery. However my physio had suggested I try Pilates as one last shot. A good class would help me strengthen my core and support my spine.


Natalie is a qualified Stott Pilates instructor who adapts and modifies according to her clients needs. Her classes are fun with a variety of equipment and exercises used and you feel like you have had a good workout. As a result of Natalie’s classes, 3 years on I am pain free, didn’t require surgery and I am signed off from physio! Result!


I can wholeheartedly recommend Natalie and Vita Sana Pilates. Her classes have now become part of my weekly routine and so beneficial for core strength, toning, general health and mental wellbeing. Thank you.


Age 27

Pilates has been great for me.


The experience (for a total beginner) had been fun and relaxing. The benefits for me have been great in terms of both relaxation and toning. It is great when you are in a class and can feel the burn and know that it is working.


Natalie is great and very attentive making sure everyone is comfortable, doing the exercises properly and providing individual guidance and support. She works us hard but it's great fun!


I'd highly recommend this to anyone thinking about trying something new, you won't be disappointed.


Age 57

I've had back problems on and off for many years and started Pilates to work on strengthening my back and my core muscles.


It's powerful stuff - a brilliant workout and Natalie is great at motivating us as well as providing modifications for many of the exercises if needed. I'm loving it and my back definitely feels the benefits!


Age 29

I would highly recommend the Pilates classes with Natalie, the exercises are challenging, you feel like you're using all the muscles and only after a few classes I can see a difference already.


Natalie gives clear instructions on breathing and doing and exercises correctly which makes it very easy to follow.


Age 38

I've been doing Pilates for over a year now and one area I've really noticed an improvement in is my shoulders. My job involves a lot of driving, computer work and moving and handing which has an impact on my back and tense shoulders.


Thanks to Natalie and Pilates my shoulders are more relaxed and my core strength has improved. I really enjoy the classes and can't believe I can actually do some of the exercises I struggled with when I first started.

Pilates & Equestrian Retreats Feedback



Met amazing and interesting people."

Ate magnificent food. Rode beautiful horses. Had excellent Pilates sessions twice a day! And all washed down with a wee G&T and Cava…what’s not to love?! Thank you so much.



Thanks for a brilliant week of Pilates in the sun around the pool.


The cadence of each day was perfect with lighter Pilates in the morning, pre-breakfast and a harder session to stretch out our fibres after our horse riding.


The mix of equipment, movements and options was perfect. Thank you for your expertise, enthusiasm and encouragement.


The combination of Pilates and riding was perfect. The gentle class in the morning to get a stiff body moving really helped with the riding and the evening class helped with the effects of the riding and strengthened you for the next day.


The balance of the two disciplines with the relaxing period in the late afternoon allowed me to achieve a level of wellness and relaxation that I haven’t felt for years.


Pilates, food, drink, company, hosts, horses, accommodation were all spot on!...

…Definitely felt the difference from Pilates , helped to stretch after riding and made us think more about how ride too, but just need to try and keep it up now! 

Would definitely be keen to go again next year.

Age 35

I have only recently started Natalie's Equestrian Pilates classes, but I can already feel the positive effects on my riding. I feel more connected to my seat through my core, helping me to use my seat better. My core is also getting stronger, allowing me to maintain a good position for longer than before.


My riding instructor has also commented on my improved seat! It is very inspirational to be able to carry what I've learned at Natalie's class directly on the horse and feel and see the difference.

Age 64

I went on a four day riding holiday in June 2021 with my horse-owning pals, having not ridden for 18 months.  I am an experienced rider but I was nervous about how my body would cope with getting in the saddle after such a long time.  


I need not have worried as I have attended the Pilates for Equestrians on line with Natalie since January and it definitely prepared me to ride up to four hours a day after a long-lay off.  Naturally I was a bit achy but I enjoyed it and felt confident that I could cope. Thanks to you Natalie.

Age 44

I started online Pilates for Equestrians classes in February 2021 and found them challenging but rewarding.


The proof of their effectiveness was felt in May when I went riding for the first time in five months, and had none of my usual sore leg muscles in the days afterwards. Improved core strength is another benefit, along with a better understanding of how my body position can help or hinder the horse. Highly recommended!

Pilates For Equestrians Feedback


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