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Pilates Retreats For Equestrians

Experience a unique getaway on our retreats, tailored especially for Equestrians.

Pink Earth

A Unique Experience

Vita Sana Pilates, in conjunction with Zara's Planet, is pleased to offer bespoke Pilates Retreats for Equestrians, in the beautiful mountains of Andalusia, Spain and further afield.

Places are limited and available to small groups only.



Thanks for a brilliant week of Pilates in the sun around the pool.


The cadence of each day was perfect with lighter Pilates in the morning, pre-breakfast and a harder session to stretch out after our horse riding.


The mix of equipment, movements and options was perfect. Thank you for your expertise, enthusiasm and encouragement.


The combination of Pilates and riding was perfect. The gentle class in the morning to get a stiff body moving really helped with the riding and the evening class helped with the effects of the riding and strengthened you for the next day.


The balance of the two disciplines with the relaxing period in the late afternoon allowed me to achieve a level of wellness and relaxation that I haven’t felt for years.


Pilates, food, drink, company, hosts, horses, accommodation were all spot on!...

…Definitely felt the difference from Pilates, helped to stretch after riding and made us think more about how ride too, but just need to try to keep it up now! 

Would definitely be keen to go again next year.

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