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Wake Up Your Body!

Online Pilates classes tailored to you

Your body, your workout! At Vita Sana Pilates we are proud to offer professional online Pilates classes suitable for every body. All are welcome!


1:1 and 1:2 personal Pilates sessions are also available.

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Why Vita Sana Pilates?


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Get fit in the comfort of your own home with online live group Pilates classes, workshops and personal training. 


Feel at ease knowing you can exercise comfortably and safely with expert instruction. Your health and wellbeing is our priority.


Let's Get Away!

Experience something special with Vita Sana Pilates retreats abroad including specialised Pilates for Equestrians retreats.

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"Pilates is for

EVERY body"

Maintaining and improving your health and wellbeing is my main goal here at Vita Sana Pilates. My classes are for all ages and abilities. With expert instruction and supervision, Pilates can be practiced by anyone by modifying individual exercises to suit your body and your needs.


I am a firm believer in maintaining joint health as well as good muscle function and strength. My classes do just that and so much more. As I always tell my clients, you are only as old as your spine! 


We should think of Pilates as a weekly or bi-weekly MOT for your body. With the range of classes and training on offer, I am confident you will reap the benefits of my tailored workouts and programmes. Feel confident knowing that I am here for you, paying acute attention to detail and supervising your practice - especially those with injuries or health concerns.

- Vita Sana Pilates Owner, Natalie Righetti


A Word From Our Clients


Have been practicing Pilates with Natalie for several years and stuck with her when classes had to be moved online. Natalie's zoom Pilates classes are still great.


She keeps the class plans interesting, challenging, and gives clear instructions. She's a very professional instructor, who I would highly recommend.


Natalie is a superb teacher and coach and this is why: she's encouraging (but tough); she explains the exercises extremely well, sometimes with an alcohol theme ("imagine a glass of wine balancing on your back"); and she shapes the classes to all abilities.


And the best bit: I've gone from someone a few years ago who was reluctant about exercise to someone who couldn't live without Pilates every week and it's thanks to Natalie

Olivia (BDS MFDS)

I can feel it if I miss Pilates for a week and wait with bated breath to get back to it! Being back at work and doing Pilates online from home has saved travel time and I’ve found it just as effective as classes in person.


Natalie corrects you through webcam and is just as attentive as classes in person. I recommend to everyone.

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