About The Instructor
Natalie Righetti is a Certified Stott Pilates Instructor and specialises in mat based workouts with the use of small equipment e.g. flex bands, fitness circles, toning balls, mini stability balls, foam blocks and foam rollers. Natalie trained as an instructor at the Stott Pilates training centre at the Central YMCA in London. Natalie is also trained and qualified in Prenatal and Postnatal Stott Pilates.

Natalie is also a Qualified Hydrotherm Masseuse, Certified Piloxing Instructor and Total Barre Instructor.

Qualifications and Accreditations include:

  • Stott Pilates - Matwork Level 1 (Essential/Intermediate) International Certification;

  • Stott Pilates - Advanced Matwork;

  • Stott Pilates - Matwork Interval Training Level 2;

  • Stott Pilates - Matwork Strength & Mobility;

  • Stott Pilates - On A Roll (Foam Roller);

  • Stott Pilates - Mini Flex Ball Workout;

  • Stott Pilates - Pilates with the Medicine Ball;

  • Stott Pilates - Optimization of Lumbo-Pelvic Region;

  • Stott Pilates - Optimization of the Shoulder Complex;

  • Stott Pilates - Arc Barrel;

  • Stott Pilates - Total Body Sculpting;

  • Stott Pilates - Ultimate Body Sculpting;

  • Stott Pilates - Prenatal Pilates (on the Mat);

  • Stott Pilates - Prenatal Pilates with Stability Ball and FlexBand;

  • Stott Pilates - Postnatal Pilates;

  • Core - Plyometrics and Jump Training Level 1;

  • Piloxing - Level 1;

  • Total Barre - Foundation Level 1;

  • Total Barre - Amplified;

  • Total Barre - Endurance 1;

  • Total Barre - Endurance 2;

  • Hydrotherm Massage - Clinical Level One;

  • Hydrotherm Massage - Tranquil Sea Massage (For Those With Cancer);

  • Hydrotherm Massage - Applied Anatomy (Advanced);

  • Intelligent Fitness Essential Anatomy Certification; and

  • Degree in Human Biology with Sociology and Psychology (BSc 1st Class Honours).

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