Hydrotherm Massage

*Hydrotherm treatments are temporarily suspended*

Vita Sana Pilates offers HYDROTHERM MASSAGE treatments to new and existing clients. This revolutionary therapy benefits a wide range of people and can be tailored to individual needs. The following treatments are available:

- Classic Hydrotherm Massage
- Hydrotherm Tranquil Sea Massage For Those With Cancer
- Clinical and Sports Massage (Hydrotherm)

A massage on Hydrotherm is a deep and relaxing experience which surpasses the benefits of conventional massage therapy. Your massage will be carried out while you lie face up on soothing cushions of warm water. It presents you from getting an uncomfortable, cricked neck and it keeps your muscles warm so that we can gently (or firmly) work on them to relieve your tension without risk of injury. It will keep your posture perfect for us to work safely, comfortably and effectively. You won't need to turn over either, so there's no problem if your mobility is restricted.

Please email info@vitasanapilates.com for more information and to make a booking.